Did you know that people with strong social relationships are 50% less likely to die prematurely?

NDR group meetings are designed to help individuals who feel they have suffered, been frustrated, confused and disappointed long enough. These groups are for you if you are determined to change your life.

While some of the solutions you tried were helpful, you have not achieved your desire for peace, happiness and greater satisfaction in life. NDR will help you to identify fundamental flaws in your perception that prevent you from seeing the problem as it is to be seen.

Come join me over the next 24 weeks within our, NDR Group Workshop 'Journey From T1 Relationships To Personal Freedom' to learn the proven principles along with various techniques to help build stronger relationships


You should consider participating in this NDR Workshop if you have long-standing concerns about:

  • Marital relationship
  • Relationships with your children
  • Difficulty with intimate relationships
  • ​A history of problems with food, drugs or alcohol
  • ​Co-dependency
  • ​Feeling like you just don't know what to do
  • ​Tired of wearing a mask while in public to hide who you are and how you feel
  • ​A pessimistic outlook for your future

You have wasted enough time trying it your way. It is time to give yourself an opportunity for real change. And NDR can help you to help yourself in ways you never thought were possible.

How it works:

  • WHEN: NDR groups meet two times per month.
  • TIME: On a week-day evening when most people are off work.
  • WHERE: Meetings are held online within a SECURED Zoom Meeting. (Participant privacy is strictly protected)
  • STRUCTURE: NDR group meetings are psycho-educational and are led by Dr. Collins.

Topics Include:

  • Session 1: T1 Relationships
  • Session 2: T2 Thinking
  • Session 3: Denial in T1 Relationships
  • Session 4: Communication in T1 Relationships
  • Session 5: 'ME'
  • Session 6: Keep the Focus on Me
  • Session 7: Forgiveness
  • Session 8: Let It Go
  • Session 9: Important
  • Session 10: The Basics
  • Session 11: Spiritual Growth
  • Session 12: Personal Freedom


During NDR Group Workshop 'Journey From T1 Relationships To Personal Freedom', Dr. Collins will also be explaining the cause, truth, and solution to these common relationship challenges.

How do I sign up?

  • HOW MANY: NDR groups will be limited to 12 individuals per group. A new group will be started for every 12 new people who enroll. Once a group starts, no one can join that group because the new person could not catch up to the rest of the group.
  • WHO: You will recognize that NDR will require dedication and work. Some will allow their own fears to keep them away. But others will recognize this opportunity and step-up. If you are ready for NDR, NDR is ready for you and we welcome you. It is Now time for you to be Free.
  • HOW: Signing up is easy. Just click the link below to check availability. If you it doesn't tell you that the group is full, take full advantage and claim your seat. I look forward to seeing you soon. ~ Dr. Collins.
  • CONTENT: There will be homework assignments and exercises to complete between meetings. A significant portion of your personal growth and change will be experienced while completing homework and related assignments between meetings. The first 12 meeting topics are found in Dr. Collins's book. Purchase your copy of the book before you attend your first group. 
  • COST: The cost for each group meeting is only $20 ($197 One-Time Payment) which will need to be pre-paid to reserve your seat. It will cost most people far more than $33 per month if they don't come to NDR because trying to manage drama is far more expensive financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The Next NDR Workshop Starts Soon... Claim Your Seat!

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